Why choose HTG Group

  1. HTG’s Customer Service: HTG’s friendly and knowledgeable customer service is another reason why they stand out among their competitors. They offer fast shipping and have excellent return policies, ensuring a happy and satisfied customer. You can contact them anytime for help with your embroidery projects, and they will happily guide you.
  2. HTG’s Fair Trade: HTG is a fair trade company, meaning that they pride themselves in working ethically and ensuring the welfare of their employees. They engage in fair trade programs to help support communities, and they pay fair wages to their workers. When you buy HTG products, you’re not only getting quality embroidery threads but also supporting a company that values its workers.

 Their customer service is excellent, and they ensure fair trade practices, supporting communities and valuing their employees. If you want to create beautiful and long-lasting embroidery, then HTG is the brand to consider. Give them a try, and you won’t regret it!

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