Direct to Film Transfers DTF Printing

🔥 Introducing HTG GROUP's Cutting-Edge Direct to Film Printing (DTF) Service! 

Are you ready to take your garment printing to the next level? Say goodbye to traditional methods and hello to the future with DTF technology from HTG GROUP!

🚀 What is DTF? 🚀 DTF is a revolutionary direct-to-film printing technique that simplifies and accelerates the printing process. By utilizing special clear film (PET film), DTF powder, and DTF ink, we can bring your designs to life faster and easier than ever before!

👕 Versatile Printing for Any Fabric! 👕 With DTF, your prints can be transferred directly onto a wide range of fabrics, including cotton, polyester, leather, silk, canvas, denim, neoprene, and more! Plus, DTF works seamlessly on both white and dark garments, giving you endless possibilities for your designs.

🎨 Easy Artwork Submission! 🎨 Submitting your artwork is a breeze, just supply your images in our preferred format of PDF and email them to We'll handle the rest and come back to you with some pricing. 

🔍 Quality Printing, Guaranteed! 🔍 At HTG GROUP, we prioritize quality above all else. Your artwork will be printed exactly as provided, with no resizing or editing. Plus, our printing process includes a 3-pixel choke (0.7937 mm) for precise results every time.

💥 Quick and Easy Application! 💥 Applying your DTF prints is as simple as 1-2-3! Just cut out your desired print, align it on your garment, and press with a heat press for 10 seconds at 150 degrees Celsius. Then, peel off the film and press again for 3-5 seconds for a flawless finish.

🔥 What's Included? 🔥 With each order, you'll receive your DTF prints cured with melt powder and ready for pressing. It's everything you need to elevate your garments to the next level!

💡 Expert Tips for Success! 💡 To ensure the best results, we recommend staying within the RGB color range and avoiding elements less than 6 pixels wide. Additionally, consider knocking out black content for black garments and incorporating open areas for the best feel.

Ready to revolutionize your garment printing with DTF technology from HTG GROUP? Contact us today to get started and unleash your creativity like never before! 🚀